All customers/users of service of are advised to take following/more prudent safety measures in all transactions.

a. Contact advertisers over phone number/email details provided.
b. Discuss about the asset to be sold/service or job offered.
c. Ensure that the advertisement or offer for service is genuine.
d. Meet the advertiser in person at a safe place.
e. Assess the competency to provide service/visit and ensure the quality of the asset.
f. If satisfied, verify the Identity proof and other documents of the seller/advertiser.
g. Ensure that the advertiser has a legal title and legal right to sell asset/competent to provide the service or job.
h. Enter into agreement as per mutually agreed terms.
i. Transfer asset/enjoy the service and effect payment as per agreed terms/agreement executed. is in no way provides any guarantee on the genuineness of seller or quality of product/service or competency of the advertiser. The transaction is a decision of the concerned parties.