Vision Statement - MyOwnIndia provides a platform to promote good news and developments happening even in interior parts of India, our country and develop local markets with a view to ensuring that every part of the country derives benefit from the Digital India programme.

Development in the field of technology has brought in its challenges too. At present our media and social media platforms are flooded with news of news of crimes, corruptions and allegations, thus having negative impact on human mindset. Even the works of Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailesh Sathyarthi become unnoticed. He remained unknown for majority till he won the coveted prize. The importance being given to sensational news makes young and old believe that only negative things are happening in the country and that our country is inferior to many developed countries. It is contrary to the fact that, many good deeds are being done, good developmental activities are taking place, people donate organs to unknown persons and even endanger or sacrifice own life to save unknown persons.

In the era of communication explosion due to digital and mobile technologies, it is necessary to have a platform to focus on the goodness of an area, good deeds of unsung heroes, developmental and cultural activities taking place in an area, suggestions of small developmental needs of the area and development of local markets so that development, avenues of income earning capacity and good messages get more prominence making our country to grow uniformly and stand united.